This page contains my resume and further information about which skills I currently believe I am strongest in. As I continue to develop through my vocational experience and educational experience I am sure that these skills will change. However this is the most up to date evaluation of myself. I am interested in Hardware design and Signal processing. But above all I am interested in making a difference in the world.


My vocational and educational experience has so far enabled me to develop strongly within these three skills.

Hardware Design

Through my own projects and projects at GomSpace I have gained knowledge with analog hardware design, test and validation. I have worked on several different MCU architectures as well.


I have been programming extensively through my time at university, GomSpace and in my own projects. Mostly in Python and C/C++.

Data Analysis

As a lot of my education and vocational experience has been in sales, I have been able to develop my skills within data analysis using sales data.


I am very comfortable and have experience using the following software packages and programming languages.


  • Altium
  • KiCad
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Linux/Ubuntu/Debian
  • Microsoft Office

Programming Languages

  • Python
  • VHDL
  • C
  • C++

Vocational Experince

My vocational experience is listed below as well as a description of the job contents.

GomSpace A/S

Technical Sales / R&D Student Worker

I started out working exclusively in sales supporting the North American market with technical insights. After about a year I moved on to doing R&D tasks as well. This is mostly setting up and programming test cases for hardware validation.

2018 –

Danish Crown A/S

Export Sales Apprentice

A 2-year educational program that was based in a company with 8 weeks of business school. I was mainly tasked with supporting the North American B2B bulk sales market. Although I also touched on markets in Europe and Asia as well. The job involved a lot of client interaction but also data analysis which I found most interesting. My exam was based around a system I had been developing for lowering the cost of label creation in the production process.

2016 – 2018


For about a year I had a small webshop that sold a single product. The product was called Coffee Joulies and was made by a small American startup. Sales were not good and I ended up closing the business when I finished high school.

2015 – 2016

Telenor A/S

Sales Advisor

I started in Telenor as a student in high school. The company is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Northern Europe. I was in retail sales. This entailed being on the floor mostly cold selling subscribtions and mobile phones. The position taught be a lot around being outgoing and how to start and keep conversations going. Looking back I think this position really matured me since it, after high school, also became my first full time job.

2013 – 2016


My educational experience is listed below.

Master of Science and Engineering – Signal Processing

Aalborg University

2021 – 2023

Bachelor of Science and Engineering – Electronics & IT

Aalborg University

2018 – 2021

Sales Apprentice – Export Specialty

Danish Crown A/S & Aarhus Business College

2016 -2018

Bachelor of Science and Engineering – Global Business Engineering (Unfinished)

Aalborg University

2015 – 2016

Upper Secondary School – Business School (HHX)

Tradium RÃ¥dmandsboulevard – Randers

2011 – 2014

Lower Secondary School – Boarding School

Skals Efterskole (Skals Boarding School)

2010 – 2011

Lower Secondary School

Østervangskolen Randers

2000 – 2010

Please check out my LinkedIn as well.