Posted on Nov 5, 2016

Well I might as well start from the beginning. Ever since I was a kid I was always fascinated by inventors. All the cartoon characters like Dexter (from Dexters lab), Gyro Gearloose and the like was my favourite characters. So after finishing Danish “High School” studying the skill of trade in 2014. I took one semester at Aalborg University studying Global Business Engineering. After the first semester it didn’t seem like the right fit for me. Maybe I was too focused on the engineering title.

Anyway I had always had the thought that a career in shipping seemed pretty exciting. Fast pace, long hours and lots of travel. Just what I liked. So naturally after dropping out of university I started looking for apprenticeships. After a lot of interviews and even more applications, Danish Crown called me and said they wanted me to start a couple of months later.

So I packed up my bags and went to the US on a road trip for a few weeks until I was scheduled to start.

First day in the office, everything was pretty exciting and very new. It kept being like that for a couple of months. But eventually after having had contacts with many of the international market, it became clear. I could not do this for an extended period of time, nevertheless for the rest of my life. About 6 months in I told my boss that I was not planning on sticking around after my 2 year apprentice contract would run out. Being an apprentice in Denmark is kinda like an education in and of itself. You got to school throughout the apprenticeship as well as getting pratical learnings from the everyday office life. I learned a great deal about business being there for two years and I am very grateful for the experience now.

But to continue the story. After the first 6 months I had become somewhat aware that I had to return to the childhood dream. Becoming an inventor. I felt like I had always been very creative in business, but now I also had to be creative in products. Granted, I could have stayed in Danish Crown an made a lot of money and then doing inventions in my spare time. But I wanted to go all in. I wanted to study electronics. Which for me was the most inventor like education of all the engineering paths. But since all of my education until then had been focused on business, I had to take up new courses in order to get in. Math, physics and chemistry levels had to go up. So for the remaining 1.5 years in Danish Crown, I studied every evening to raise my levels. When the apprenticeship was over, I was ready to start university!

Before I started university I packed up my bags again and traveled two weeks to Cyprus and four weeks to British Columbia on Workaways. I can definitely recommend trying that! Got some amazing life-long friends out of it and I still try to get to British Columbia every year to visit.

Now I am at university writing my bachelor’s degree in Informatic System. However I will switch to a signal processing path for my Masters degree.

In late 2020 I was diagnosed with Optic Neuritis, which still impairs my vision today. I probably only have 80-90% vision on my left eye on good days. I started doing the Wim Hof method which has actually helped quite a lot.

Most of my time is currently spent pursuing my masters degree in Signal Processing at Aalborg University. I started my masters studies in 2021 and I expect to have my diploma in 2023. At Aalborg we do problem based learning, meaning half our time during a semester is spent on a semester project. Which also means half of our ECTS for the semester comes from these projects. During my time in Aalborg I also worked for almost four years for a nanosatellite company called GomSpace.

In August 2022 I moved to Munich to do my 9th semester as an internship with Infineon Technologies, who is headquartered here. My plan is to spend the spring semester here as well writing my master thesis. After that, we’ll see what comes.

However I am most happy when I am able to work on my own projects, which you are also able to follow on this website. This is everything from a DIY E-bike to a strain gauge PCB. The latter being a project that my father turned me on to.

Last but not least, I enjoy going on motorcycle rides and tours. I’m currently looking to get into the enduro/adventure riding. I’m currently enjoying riding and working on my 1998 Triumph Speed Triple.