Welcome to my little online sanctuary. My name is Magnus and I will be your generous host.

Most of my time is currently spent pursuing my masters degree in Signal Processing at Aalborg University. I started my masters studies in 2021 and I expect to have my diploma in 2023. At Aalborg we do problem based learning, meaning half our time during a semester is spent on a semester project. Which also means half of our ECTS for the semester comes from these projects. My group and I are currently working on accoustic scene classification using a Deep Neural Network and Stochastic Models.

When not studying I enjoy spending time at my place of work, which is GomSpace in Aalborg as well. Here I have a student worker position which mixes between sales and electronics R&D. I have held this position since 2018.

However I am most happy when I am able to work on my own projects, which you are also able to follow on this website. This is everything from a DIY E-bike to a bird calling smart box to attract the soon to be endangered Apus Apus. The latter being a project that my father turned me on to.

Last but not least, I enjoy going on motorcycle rides and tours. I currently own a 2010 (2007 model) Kawasaki ER6-F (ninja 650 in the US).